Friday, January 2, 2009


I have been redecorating the blog. I'm not totally finished, but I got the main stuff done. I just love Split Decisionz. She has great templates & many are free.

But in reality, as I look at my new calendar & my super busy schedule, I'm wondering how I can "redecorate" my schedule to not be so hectic & a little more enjoyable. There are certain things that I can't get rid of. My kids & my husband remain my priorities. Then comes Mom2Mom at church, though this I put in many hours doing this, it can't come before my family. That is a hard one.
I made a list of what is in my schedule that I cannot take out.

Time with the Lord
Time with my husband
School with the kids
Down time for me

That is only 6 things, but they are intertwined and take up my whole day. If I tried to schedule out each thing into a time block schedule, it wouldn't fit in. This is where the Lord becomes real to me. When I go to him first and lay my desires and fears at his feet, my list of to-do's usually always gets done. He multiplies my time. I'm able to return phone calls, do phonics lessons & grade Algebra tests, get those 5 loads of laundry washed(I didn't say folded & put away) and still go on a date with my husband. Sometimes I can even have a nice long phone conversation with a friend (rarely). But if I don't get it all done today, I get to start all over tomorrow & pick up where I left off. I don't know how it gets done, but it does. And sometimes it doesn't get done. I have to be o'k with that.

So, I think that what really needs redecorated isn't so much my schedule, but my attitude about my schedule. Instead of getting frustrated because my whole list didn't get one, I need to look at what did get done and thank the Lord for helping me accomplish as much as I did.

Now, what needs to be taken off my list?
I rarely watch TV, but I can sit longer than I should watching a show.
I spend way too much time on the computer. That is one of those things that seems to eat up more of my time than anything else. But I love to write & communicate with others. I love to blog. I want to learn html & css code. I am learning how to use GIMP with my pictures & images. I am on facebook and twitter & that all eats my time, so I have to be real careful. So, I am trying to guard my time & use it wisely while I am on the computer & to not let it steal my day away.

How can you redecorate your time? Or is your attitude like mine that needs the makeover?

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