Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Make Your Own Resurrection Eggs

I'm sure you have seen seen the Resurrection Eggs that Family Life Ministry has. Each plastic egg contains a little thing that represents a part of the resurrection story.

Well, I found a list at Eclectic Homeschool that shares how we can make our own. This will save you money. Though I like the eggs that Family Life offers, I don't have the extra money to spend right now.
From Eclectic Homeschool Online
Placing small tokens in plastic Easter eggs to tell the Easter story is an idea that has been around for some time. It’s currently being marketed prepackaged. For those that would rather put together their own set of Resurrection Eggs, we’ve put together a list culled from a number of different sources. That means we have more than 12 eggs, so you get to pick and choose which tokens and scriptures you want to use.

Small cracker pieces - Mark 14:22
Three dimes - Matt. 26:14-15 or Matt 27:3-4
Communion cup - Matt 26:26-28 or Matt. 26:39
Rooster (drawing, picture or a feather) - Matt. 26:33
Twine with knots in it - Matt. 27:1-2 or a piece of rope
Soap piece - Matt. 27:24-26
Small piece of leather - Mark 15:15
Red fabric - Matt. 27:28-30 or purple fabric - Mark 15:17
Thorn - Mark 15:17 or Matt. 27:29
Cross made from toothpicks - Matt. 27:31-32 or John 19:17-18
Nail - Matt. 27:31 or John 20:25
Dice - Matt. 27:35-36 or John 19:23-24
Sponge - John 19:29-30 or Matt 27:48
Crushed rock - Matt. 27:50, 51 & 54 or dirt
Sword or spear (plastic hors d’oeuvres sword, Lego sword or spear) - John 19:34
White fabric - Matt. 27:58-60
Stone - Matt. 27:65-66 or Mark 15:46
Cinnamon sticks - Mark 16:1
Bayleaf - Matt. 28: 2 & 5
Empty egg - Matt. 28:6 or Mark 16:5-6 or Luke 24:3-6 John 3:16
Cotton ball (A cloud) - Mark 16:19

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