Monday, June 22, 2009

Planning a SONshine Summer

My friend Jody Capehart(author of a million books, excellent & very funny speaker to teachers & parents everywhere) has a blog & I wanted to share part of a post on her blog with you.  It is full of practical things to do with your kids this summer & her godly wisdom is sprinkled through out.
by Jody Capehart @ Capehart Connection

When I was growing up, there were natural book ends to the summer. It began after Memorial Day and ended with Labor Day. I miss the simplistic boundaries of having 12 weeks for summer. But then I guess everything seemed simpler in the "good 'ole days" when summer did have more of those lazy, hazy days. Now the school year ends and before anyone has even poured a tall cool glass of lemonade, the frantic summer schedule begins.

Simplify Your Schedule

Select activities that are seasonal such as Vacation Bible School, swimming lessons and perhaps a summer camp if your child is that age. Look at the other activities and prayerfully consider the full impact of your choices.

As you embrace this summer, may I suggest making these a priority:

Pray. Commit the summer to the Lord. What does He want for you and your family this summer?

Read. Get a stack of good literature to read to and with your children. Set up a daily reading time every day. Yes, even with the older children, set aside a time for reading each day. Everyone grabs their favorite book, and read or you can read all together.

Slow down. We are on such a tight schedule during the school year. Use the summer to simply be with one another. Talk. Walk. Play. Enjoy one another.


"There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven." (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

Remember: expectations can be enemies! We need to realize that everything we plan may not be as 'rich and meaningful' as it plays out in our mind. Have you ever planned that 'perfect family field trip', only to arrive and have your children whine for quarters to play the video games?

Let’s prioritize our priorities. Find quiet time each day for the Lord, and time to connect with our family instead of simply filling up each day with things to do.

Our personalities factor into the equation. In light of the DISC model, each personality type (and we are all unique combinations of these types) ‘brings to the summer table’ certain personality qualities that affect how we plan our summer. This is a simplistic view but perhaps you can see yourself in these personalities.

If you are a D (choleric or a lion-type), you tend to be more driving, decisive and determined to make it a great summer. You already have your plans done and you are off and running.

If you are the I (sanguine or otter), you may be inspired, interactive and interesting. You basically want to have fun with people this summer. To make plans seems boring to you because you simply want to know which people you are going to see this summer.

If you are the S (phlegmatic or golden retriever) you are the peacemaker, you can 'go with the flow' better than anyone. You are steady, stable and sweet-natured.

If you are the C (melancholy or beaver) you are the conscientious, careful and competent one who wants to plan every moment of the summer to "do it right". You are a perfectionist and since most things on planet earth don't measure up, you can get overwhelmed and 'bummed' out easily.

Each personality-type has strengths and weaknesses. No one personality type is right or wrong, we are simply different from one another.


To read the rest (because you don’t want to miss a word) go to Jody’s Blog.  She has a lot more to share with you.

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