Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Prayer Challenge Day 2; Praying for his Work

If you are participating in the prayer challenge, this morning we read chapter 2 of Power of a Praying Wife on our husbands work.  God created our husbands with a drive to provide for their family.  For some husbands this drive is taken to the extreme and they become workaholic’s.

I have a friend whose husband can set his own hours in his job.  He could be home anytime he wants to be home, yet he chooses to work late almost every night.  He doesn’t see his kids much at all and though they are still very small, they are growing up quickly.  There was a time when my husband worked much like this.  We were farming at the time so the season did dictate his hours, but there were many times of the year when he didn’t have to work late, but did.  My husband says that he realized one day how much of our children’s lives he was missing out on.  He is reclaiming that time with them now that they are teenagers.  It is a great thing to see the close relationship he has with our older children.

I remember the first time I read through this book & I prayed this prayer for my husband concerning his work.  He had a very different view of his work than he does now.  It was when he worked long hours, he did everything he could to make sure he was making enough money for our family and doing a great job at it.  His work was very important to him & I felt many times that his work was more important than I was or our children.  I prayed that the Lord would draw my husband close to him & show him what is really important in the kingdom of God. 

Not too long after that his business began to decline.  He didn’t change what he did, yet he didn’t have as many clients.  There was no good reason why his business was so slow.  He eventually had to let his personal assistant go.  We struggled to pay our bills each month.  My husband was stressed beyond the limit as he began to realize that ultimately everything is in God’s control.  He brings the business, he takes away the business, not Scott.

couple-in-love-lifestyle-people-couple-couples-~-f0008291 3 years later, we are still struggling financially.  My husband is now looking for any kind of work so we can pay our bills.  We have reduced our expenses drastically.  But the difference now is that my husband in deeply in love with his Lord & Savior.  In the midst of all our difficult circumstances, my husband as grown to seek the wisdom and direction of his God.  We don’t know what the Lord has in store for us. But we are joyful in our hope that it will be something fantastic.


Today, if your husband has a secure job, be thankful & praise your God daily for that.  It is a rare thing to know ones job is secure.  Let your husband know how thankful you are that he is able to provide for your family.  Use the ‘P’ word a lot…proud.  “I’m proud of you” says more to them than “I love you”. 

If your husband is like mine and has a full time job of looking for a job, it is a bit harder to encourage him.  Your husband is frustrated and probably dealing with depression at times.  Your prayers for your husband are crucial! I often don’t know what to pray because I feel like I have already prayed it a hundred times.  Ask your husband.  He may be able to tell you how you can pray for him, but many times they are so frustrated with their circumstances they don’t know either.  Ask the Lord how you can pray for your husband.  He knows!

Some things I pray often for my husband;

  • protect his mind from doubt & frustration
  • bring godly men into his life that can encourage him like I can’t.
  • give him wisdom & understanding when he studies the Word.
  • strengthen him so that he can endure these difficult times.
  • give me the right words to say so that I may build him up, not tear him down.

One of the “Power Tools” given in chapter 1 was Galatians 6:9

Let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.

You may be praying the same prayer for a long time, but in God’s perfect timing He will answer.  Be satisfied with his answer.  As you pray, I suspect that something will begin to change in your heart.  I experienced a renewal of my love for my husband after spending some quality time praying for him.  Prayer is powerful.  Your prayers for your husband won’t change him, but instead they will change you as God changes your husband.  It is an amazing thing!


Pray continually

1 Thessalonians 5:17


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