Monday, June 29, 2009

Prayer Challenge Day 28: His Self Image

Chapter 28 is focusing on praying on our husband’s self image.

In today’s society self image is everything isn’t it?  The message out there is that we are to believe in our selves and be true to ourselves.  We are supposed to have a healthy self image and then we will be truly happy.

As my grandfather used to say, “rubbish!”  We don’t not gain a healthy self image by believing in ourselves, that is what caused all the trouble to begin with.  It is only we we believe in God and know who we are in Him that we can have an accurate view of who we are.  We are created in His image, but Satan wants us to believe something different.

Satan want us to believe that our identity comes from what we have done.  But God says our identity comes from what God has done for us.(Romans 8:31-34)

Satan says that our identity comes from what people say about us, but God says that our identity comes from what God says about you.(John 1:2, Eph 1:5)

We can become so washed over by society’s crazy message that we can fall for the lie and “lose” our identity.

If your husband is one of those who is troubled in trying to find his identity, your prayers can be a very powerful part in his journey.  It will not be an over night change.  These things take time.  But the first steps your husband must make in becoming confident in who he is, is knowing who God is.  As believers, our identity is in Christ.

Stormie had this to say;

God says our first steps are to be toward Him: seeking His face, following His laws, putting Him first and self-centered pursuits last.  When we line up with Him, He leads the way and all we have to do is follow.  As we look to Him, the glory of His image gets imprinted upon us.  When our self image gets so wrapped up in God that we lose ourselves in the process, we’re free.  We want that liberty for our husband's as well as ourselves.

You husband will never see who he really is until he sees who God really is.

Stay on your knees for your husband.  Pray the Word and pray specifically.  It can be life changing, for you & for your husband.

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